Executive Search

a. Global Advantage

Regional and global searches can be conducted by considering a wider range of candidates from all locations and companies within the industry.

With Barons & Company's worldwide executive search network (IMSA), country, regional and global searches can be performed for our clients.

  • We take a customized "hands on" approach for our clients without having the "hands off / off limits" challenges faced by larger generalist firms or the single industry boutique firms.
  • Our search methodologies provide our clients with top-tier candidates from best practices platforms in their industry sector or from related industries, rather than "best available" candidates due to "hands off / off limits" client restrictions.
  • Our consultants are actively involved from conception to completion of the search process, including candidate sourcing and research analysis. The approach shortens the duration of the assignment and enhances the advisory role of the consultant.
  • We provide global services with local expertise. We believe publicly listed search firms have potential conflicts of interest between the confidentiality requirements of clients and the disclosure requirement of shareholders. Our corporate structure and effective management allow us to maintain our ethics and professionalism. There are no barriers between consultants, which allows for effective teamwork in all our search assignments.

b. Search Strategy

Barons & Company offers an experienced-based approach to provide professional search services to clients. The search process involves a long-term working relationship with our clients. Highly personalized and based on the understanding of client needs, market positioning, corporate culture and specific requirements such as education, experience and personality, Barons & Company offers an experienced-based approach to provide professional search services to clients.

  • Knowing our clients
    - Corporate history
    - Organizational structure
    - Specific market positioning & challenges
    - Corporate culture
    - Human Capital policy

  • Defining the position
    - Historical objectives & challenges
    - Educational/experience & behavioral requirements
    - Organizational positioning
    - Key performance indicators
    - Critical success factors
    - Compensation and remuneration structure
    - Career potential & opportunities

  • Defining search strategy & screening
    - Profiling candidate requirements
    - Identify and confirm target sources
    • Industry
    • Companies
    • Products

    - Screen and evaluate candidates
    - Prepare a shortlist with background profiles
      and review with clients
  • Interviews
    - Facilitate client interviews of candidate
    - Obtain client feedback
    - Conduct reference checks

  • Offer of employment
    - Facilitate salary, benefit & contract negotiation

  • Six-month assessment of newly-placed candidates
    - Three and six month follow-ups

We take professional care in the recruiting, evaluation, presentation and placing of candidates. Confidentiality is strictly maintained.

c.  Search & Selections

Finding leaders with the right mix of skills, experience and cultural compatibility who can successfully guide your business in a rapidly changing economy is crucial. It is no secret that in such an environment, the free and effective movement of management talent is vital to companies being able to take full advantage of a pool of well-educated, highly-skilled executives. Many companies engage in retainer agreements with executive search & selection firms to help them build this very kind of needed leadership capital.

  • Executive search
    A service that provides market research for the client regarding the most qualified person available in the industry without limitation to countries, regions or companies. Our searches provide high caliber candidates through well defined search plans, appropriate candidate evaluation and strategic recruiting. We penetrate candidates from various competitors, along with those in similar industries, and we are also able to attract candidates that are passive to job opportunities who nevertheless match the client profile.

  • Selection
    Barons & Company advertises specific job opportunities for the company along with the required qualifications. A well-defined and professional evaluation can also filter for the sought candidate. This method, however, attracts only interested candidates proactively submitting applications who are seeking employment.

In all cases, our search plans are tailor-made to our clients' needs. We strongly believe that using a high-quality executive search & selection firm ensures that the client will benefit from the confidentiality, professionalism and commitment in finding the right managers or leaders for the company.


 • Ethics

We adhere to strict ethical standards with particular emphasis on the following:

  • Confidentiality for both clients and candidates is strictly maintained.
  • We accept fees from client companies only, never from potential candidates.
  • We limit the number of clients we work with in any one industry sector to avoid the "hands off" challenges faced by other firms
  • We agree, for a period of one year from the date of completion or termination of the last assignment with your company, that our firm will not actively recruit any executives from your company while the executive is in your employment.


• Guarantee

We provide a guarantee period on each search assignment from the date of employment. Should termination or voluntary resignation occur within that time period, we will perform a replacement search at no additional fee, except for reimbursement of out of pocket expenses.  However, we make no guarantee that the replacement search will produce a suitable candidate and the guarantee will not apply to replacement candidates.

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