Barons & Company is able to leverage our functional expertise during the execution of our senior level searches. 


Barons & Company is the industry leader in the arena of identifying executives for C-level leadership positions. Selection criteria for executives are generally multi-faceted and extremely stringent. It is essential that C-level executives are responsible for aligning their company internally and externally with their strategic visions and to translate them into action plans and deliverable results.

The experience , track record, leadership and vision of a CEO have immense bearing on the health of any organization and how it is perceived by investors and other key stakeholders. As the role of CEO becomes increasingly complex and the average tenure shortens because of greater scrutiny from the Board, top caliber candidates become more scarce. Our consultants in our CEO functional practice have senior leadership experience and in-depth industry knowledge with access to a network of top executives.

Responsibilities of today’s CFOs go well beyond finance. They need to grasp evolving business drivers, anticipate increasingly complex and uncertain market environment, and ensure compliance and adequate risk management measures while driving business performance goals and enabling their companies to seize growth opportunities. Consequently, CFOs now spend more time on strategic and operational issues, requiring a broad knowledge of the global market environment as well as the cross functions within an organization.

Barons & Company has relationships with an extensive network of C-level professionals including CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CIO who can bring transformational leadership to your organization.

We leverage our functional knowledge in order to assist clients facing an increasingly sophisticated set of functional issues. Barons & Company’s practice has evolved in order to deliver the following to our clients worldwide:

  • More effective access to senior talents, faster speed of execution, competent and direct sharing and efficient dissemination of knowledge
  • Ability to screen candidates across industries or geographies
  • Circumstantial understanding of functional issues and major trends and changes
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